Nash have raised the bar with this jelly type sheathed hooklink. Combilink is an easy strip, ultra fine camouflage coated braid for all bottom bait and pop-up presentations.

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Nash have raised the bar with this jelly type sheathed hooklink

Supremely versatile, Combilink is the one hooklength material that does it all. Leaving the semi-stiff outer coating intact or peeling back to expose the camouflage low diameter inner braid allows endless rig permutations, from braided hinges to semi-stiff booms, D rigs and multi rigs. Extra tough, anti-tangle, easy to knot and exceptionally abrasion resistant. Available in Weed, Gravel and Silt camouflage finishes. 

Available Options

Name TCode Price
Combilink 15 lb Weed 20 metres T8000 £12.79
Combilink 20 lb Weed 20 metres T8001 £12.79
Combilink 25 lb Weed 20 metres T8002 £12.79
Combilink 35 lb Weed 20 metres T8003 £12.79
Combilink 15 lb Gravel 20 metres T8004 £12.79
Combilink 20 lb Gravel 20 metres T8005 £12.79
Combilink 25 lb Gravel 20 metres T8006 £12.79
Combilink 35 lb Gravel 20 metres T8007 £12.79
Combilink Silt 15 lb 20 metres T8008 £12.79
Combilink Silt 20 lb 20 metres T8009 £12.79
Combilink Silt 25 lb 20 metres T8010 £12.79
Combilink Silt 35 lb 20 metres T8011 £12.79

Product Information


Supplied on 20 metre spools in 15, 20, 25 and 35 lb.

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