Old Skool Pop Ups

Improved buoyancy, needle friendly Nash Airballs to match all flavours of Old Skool boilies. 



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Using the same dedicated liquid blend as the frozen and stabilised Old Skool boilies, carefully colour matched and with improved buoyancy for more effective chod rig and jointed stiff link presentations.

Nashbait have discontinued more world class baits than any other manufacturer has developed. Now thanks to our new manufacturing facility, these classic recipes are available again from select retailers. Every single one is somebody’s favourite!

Available Options

Name TCode Price
4G Squid 12mm (50g) B2129 -
4G Squid 15mm (75g) B2131 -
4G Squid 20mm (75g) B2132 -
Tangee Squid 12mm (50g) B5528 -
Tangee Squid 15mm (75g) B5529 -
Tangee Squid 20mm (75g) B5530 -
Tangee Peach 12mm (50g) B5548 -
Tangee Peach 15mm (75g) B5549 -
Tangee Peach 20mm (75g) B5550 -
Monster Pursuit 12mm (50g) B5568 -
Monster Pursuit 15mm (75g) B5569 -
Monster Pursuit 20mm (75g) B5570 -
Amber Choc 12mm (50g) B5588 -
Amber Choc 15mm (75g) B5589 -
Amber Choc 20mm (75g) B5590 -
Amber Strawberry 12mm (50g) B5608 -
Amber Strawberry 15mm (75g) B5609 -
Amber Strawberry 20mm (75g) B5610 -
Whisky 12mm (50g) B5628 -
Whisky 15mm (75g) B5629 -
Whisky 20mm (75g) B5630 -
Monster Squid Purple 12mm (50g) B5648 -
Monster Squid Purple 20mm (75g) B5650 -
Monster Squid Red 12mm (50g) B5668 -
Monster Squid Red 15mm (50g) B5669 -
Monster Squid Red 20mm (75g) B5670 -
Formula Fish 15mm (75g) EUROPE ONLY B8007 -
Formula Fish 20mm (75g) EUROPE ONLY B8008 -
Formula Fish 24mm (100g) EUROPE ONLY B8009 -
Formula Fruit 15mm (75g) EUROPE ONLY B8017 -
Formula Fruit 20mm (75g) EUROPE ONLY B8018 -
Formula Fruit 24mm (100g) EUROPE ONLY B8019 -

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